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GST's impact on India's gold market

Published 8th June 2017

On 1st July, India’s labyrinth of taxes will be replaced with a simple, nationwide Goods & Services Tax (GST). This is the biggest fiscal reform since India’s liberalisation in the early 1990s. While gold consumers will face a slightly higher tax rate, and the industry will go through a period of adjustment, we see the net impact on the gold industry as being positive. The gold supply chain should become more transparent and efficient, and the tax reform can boost economic growth, which we see as supporting gold demand.

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Published 26th March 2015

另外,我们回顾了: 相互联系:推动黄金需求的因素: 一个帮助投资者了解黄金表现的实用框架结构。 市场可能错误解读黄金与美国汇率之间的关系: 许多投资者相信美国实际利率调高定会使金价走低。我们的分析显示,其他的因素能够对金价产生更大的影响。其中包括一些与经济增长存在正相关性的因素,而经济增长往往伴有利率调高。我们还重点介绍了在未来几年股票和债券的预期回报低于平均水平的情况下,黄金为投资组合所带来的收益。

Published 26th March 2015

In this eighth edition of Gold Investor, we take a closer look at gold’s performance and its relevance for investors in the current environment. In particular, we explore: Gold in a rising dollar environment: Generally, there is an inverse correlation between gold and the dollar. However, our analysis shows that the gold price increases more when the dollar weakens than it falls when the dollar strengthens. In our view, the dollar’s relationship with gold has changed dramatically over the past decades and is likely to shift further as demand moves East and the world moves to a multicurrency system.

Published 4th March 2015


Published 12th February 2015

The World Gold Council's Gold Demand Trends (GDT) is the leading industry resource for data and opinion on world-wide gold demand. Our quarterly publication examines demand trends by sector and geography

Published 28th January 2015

Despite deflationary conditions, World Gold Trust Services CEO William Rhind discuses recent inflows into the GLD.


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