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Guidance for Monetary Authorities on the recommended practice in accounting for gold

Published 20th April 2017

Monetary authorities hold gold in the performance of their official functions, typically as part of the country’s official reserves. This functional purpose differs from the objectives of other entities who hold gold. Monetary authorities also commonly hold gold in much larger quantities than other entities. General purpose financial reporting frameworks lack appropriate guidance on accounting for gold, in particular for the gold classified as monetary gold, held by monetary authorities.

Categories: Investment, Reserve asset management

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Published 16th December 2015


Published 19th October 2015


Published 12th October 2015

For many decades, the US dollar has been the main reserve currency worldwide and it still accounts for more than 50% of international reserves. However, its share has been gradually declining, while that of other currencies, like the Chinese RMB, has grown, signalling the potential emergence of a multicurrency reserve system.

Published 31st July 2015

トルコは世界第4位の金消費国で、世界の消費者需要の約6%を占めています。同国の過去10年間の金消費量は年平均181トンでした。ワールド ゴールド カウンシルの推計によると、少なくとも3,500トンの金がトルコの家庭の「枕の下」に蓄えられています1。このレポートでは、バリューチェーン全体で金が果たす役割を探るとともに、トルコ経済における金の貢献度を評価していきます。

Categories: Investment

Published 30th July 2015

India has a rich tradition of gold consumption and production. Cherished as both an adornment and an investment, Indian households own circa 22,000 tonnes of gold and around 600 tonnes of gold is used in jewellery production each year.

Categories: Jewellery, Investment


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