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Published 15th December 2014

Excel file of gold price charts and data - Updated weekly in 19 currencies: US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, Pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Indian rupee, Chinese renminbi, Turkish lira, Saudi riyal, Indonesian rupiah, UAE dirham, Thai baht, Vietnamese dong, Egyptian pound, Korean won, Russian ruble, South African rand, Australian dollar.

Published 12th December 2014


Categories: Investment

Published 10th December 2014

Shows month by month, how countries’ reported gold holdings have changed since January 2002 and reasons where known. Updated quarterly.

Published 9th December 2014

This report highlights key policy recommendations to monetise India’s 22,000 tonnes of gold stocks kept by Indian households. Seven key recommendations are made for an effective ‘India Gold Policy’. The report also assesses the policies adopted in countries like Turkey and China; that have faced challenges similar to India and have devised public policies which have monetised the local stock of gold to positive effect.

Published 13th November 2014

Marcus Grubb, Managing Director Investment Strategy, talks through the findings from the Q3 2014 Gold Demand Trends report.

Published 13th November 2014

The World Gold Council's Gold Demand Trends (GDT) is the leading industry resource for data and opinion on world-wide gold demand. Our quarterly publication examines demand trends by sector and geography.


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