How we use gold in tomorrow’s electronics

As well as the established uses for gold in electronics, a host of other technology uses are being developed. One example is conductive nanoparticle ink for plastic electronics. Gold is selected because of its material compatibility, inherent durability and proven track record of reliability.

Gold nanotechnologies have been shown to offer functional benefits for visual display technologies, such as touch sensitive screens, and have potential for use in advanced data storage technologies such as advanced flash memory devices.

Courtesy of MC10Gold is also helping to bring the fields of advanced electronics and medicine closer together. In the US, start-up company MC10 is commercialising a range of “stretchable electronics”, which use gold wires a few hundred nanometres thick applied to stretchable polymers. The circuits’ flexibility has opened up a huge range of potential applications, including implantable electronics that can monitor patients’ vital signs and warn of potential health problems; and stretchable solar panels that can be integrated into clothing.