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Gold Demand Trends Q2 2018

Published 2nd August 2018

Gold demand stayed soft in Q2, dropping to 964.3t. The H1 total of 1,959.9t is the lowest since 2009.

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Published 1st November 2011

A snapshot from the start of each decade since 1970 reveals that gold market fundamentals have experienced dramatic change. We discuss the drivers for and the implications of these changes.

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Published 18th August 2011

Second quarter global gold demand was 919.8 tonnes, worth US$44.5bn – the second highest quarterly value on record. Year-on-year growth was broad-based across sectors and geographies. India and China were the major contributors to growth in both jewellery and investment demand. We view the prospects for both markets for the remainder of the year as optimistic.

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Published 17th May 2011

This report looks at the future of the gold market in India. It puts in context the market for gold, and examines the strategic outlook for the Indian economy and gold demand over the next decade. There is short discourse on the mythological and cultural significance of gold in India as well as detailed econometric analysis of Indian gold demand from 1980 to 2009.

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Published 10th November 2010

This report is the first of a new series on the Indian gold market; it provides an analysis of the history, recent developments, and the revival of Indian gold demand during 2010. It details Indian jewellery consumption, investment demand, decorative and industrial demand, gold imports, seasonality and monsoon rains, central bank activity, and recycled gold supply.

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