Evaluating Qaurum: why simple isn't always best

A better gold valuation tool for investors

We launched QaurumSM almost two years ago in response to a vocal need for more robust and accessible gold valuation analytics. While these exist in abundance for other asset classes, gold investors have historically had to settle for something more cursory or incomplete.

Gold ETFs reverse course in August driven by North American outflows

Gold-backed ETFs (gold ETFs) experienced net outflows in August of 22.4 tonnes (t) (-US$1.3bn, -0.6% AUM), as North American outflows outweighed inflows into European and Asian funds. Gold faced headwinds early in August as the dollar briefly strengthened and rising Treasury yields weighed on investment flows, triggering momentum selling shortly thereafter. Gold prices recovered late in the month, but it did not spur sufficient offsetting inflows, as global holdings fell to 3,611t (US$211bn) – the lowest tonnage level since May.

Gold Market Commentary

Transitory or not, inflation is already impacting consumers

Gold fell slightly during August, down 0.6% in US dollars, on modestly firmer interest rates following strong US jobs data.

Gold ETFs continue growth with slight inflows in July

Flows into global gold ETFs were marginally positive in July, with inflows of 11.1 tonnes (t) (US$669mn, +0.3% AUM). Inflows into European and Asian funds were mostly offset by outflows from large North American funds. Overall, the positive flows came alongside a recovery in gold prices, particularly in the latter half of the month amid concerns of uncertain global growth outlook and a reaffirmed commitment by central banks to continue easy money policies despite elevated inflation. Global Assets Under Management (AUM) stand at 3,636t (US$214bn), approximately 7% below the October 2020 record tonnage high of 3,909t.

Gold ETF flows slow in June but finish positive in Q2

Flows into global gold ETFs were mostly flat in June, with slight inflows of 2.9 tonnes (t) (US$191mn, +0.1% AUM). Inflows into North American and Asian funds were primarily offset by outflows from European funds. Overall, the positive flows came in spite of significant gold price weakness in the latter half of the month on the heels of a relatively hawkish Federal Reserve (Fed) outlook, suggesting that investors may have taken advantage of the lower price level to gain long gold exposure. Global Assets Under Management (AUM) stands at 3,624t (US$206bn), approximately 7% shy of the October 2020 record tonnage high of 3,909t.