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Gold Investor: risk management and capital preservation - Volume 2

This second edition of Gold Investor includes four papers: I. Investment commentary: first quarter 2013; II. Gold and currencies: protecting purchasing power; III. Gold in the "Great Rotation"; IV. Gold holdings: ample room for growth in a broad and liquid market.

Our analysis shows that despite the recent pullback in the gold price, gold has never been more relevant as an investment asset and currency. Whether acting as an inflation hedge, a tail-risk hedge or a tool to hedge against debasement, gold’s qualities seem tailor made for these turbulent times.

Sectors: Investment


US case study: Enhancing commercial bank liquidity buffers with gold

As part of gold's growing financial usage the World Gold Council conducted a case study to examine gold's potential role on bank balance sheets as part of new liquidity buffers being discussed in global banking regulations within Basel III. The case study examines the effect of adding gold to the Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR).

Sectors: Investment, Central banks/official inst.