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Gold: valuable reserve amid unprecedented policy environment

Published 22nd November 2016

Unprecedented monetary policies (including quantitative easing and negative nominal interest rates) have had the unintended consequence of dramatically reducing the pool of investable assets available to reserve managers. As central banks search for new investments, our analysis shows that gold compares extremely favourably to other traditional reserve assets with respect to safety, liquidity and return.

Categories: Reserve asset management

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Published 1st December 2016


Categories: Jewellery

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Published 25th October 2016

Mohamed El-Erian是全球保险公司安联(Allianz)的首席经济学家,也是太平洋投资管理公司(Pimco)的前首席执行官。她评估了全球投资界面临的挑战和黄金在投资组合中可以发挥的作用。 我们还探讨了黄金的新伊斯兰教标准以及黄金市场中符合伊斯兰教法的投资选择如何能为伊斯兰金融机构及其客户提供投资多元化的重大机会。

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Published 14th October 2016


Categories: Investment

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Published 2nd August 2016


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Published 24th June 2016


Categories: Investment

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Published 14th April 2016

2016 年第一季度黄金表现强势,以美元计价的黄金价格 飙升 17%,堪称近 30 年来的最佳表现。黄金回报明显优于其他各大股票、债券和大宗商品指数。

Categories: Investment

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