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Co-operation along the gold supply chain

World Gold Council.

All actors in the supply chain have responsibility for ensuring that gold has been responsibly mined and responsibly sourced. Gold mining should contribute to the development of producer countries and to local communities and to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Engaging with investors

World Gold Council.

In January 2020, Van Eck, which manages the International Investors Gold Fund, announced that it ‘would expect all of the gold producers in which we invest to adopt the RGMPs’.  

In Depth

Re-imaging gold as an ESG investment

Peter Sinclair.

In a world where consumers of every age group are increasingly interested in the source of their products and the ethical standards by which they are produced, some may think gold doesn’t stack up as a responsible investment.  

The First Year of the RGMPs – through the eyes of a practitioner

World Gold Council Members.

World Gold Council member companies have embarked on the three year implementation phase of the Responsible Gold Mining Principles. It’s been a year since the launch in September 2019 and three members describe their experience thus far.  

Warm welcome for Responsible Gold Mining Principles

World Gold Council.

Earlier this year we caught up with stakeholders to hear their thoughts about the Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMPs), and how they expect them to strengthen the gold industry’s ESG credentials.

Eight months on from launch

Terry Heymann.

The World Gold Council published the Responsible Gold Mining Principles in September 2019. It represented the product of two years of intensive engagement with gold mining companies and industry stakeholders to set out an over-arching framework that helps to define what constitutes “responsible” gold mining.

After the virus: gold and the climate crisis

John Mulligan .

In-depth: Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences are currently all-consuming, attention must not be diverted from ESG performance and commitments to tackle the climate crisis. Any further delays in implementing change will be damaging and costly, suggests John Mulligan.