Borden: the ‘goldmine of the future'

Goldcorp’s Borden mine is set to become the world’s first all-electric underground gold mine. The mine will replace current diesel-fuelled mobile equipment with Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

The investment in electric equipment at Borden will improve safety performance and annually reduce GHG emissions by 70% (6,600t of CO2e). Electric engines are three times more efficient than their diesel equivalents and reduce megawatt hours (MWh) by 33,000 per year due to the huge decrease in ventilation requirements.

Over a 10-year period, this represents a reduction of close to 70,000t of CO2e and 330,000 MWh in electricity. With the decrease in emissions comes a reduction in underground ventilation needs, which will see Borden require 50% less ventilation than a baseline diesel underground mine.

The Borden underground mine will operate year-round on a continuous (24-hour) basis, at a rate of up to approximately 4,000t of ore per day when averaged over the year.