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Published 14th April 2016

2016 年第一季度黄金表现强势,以美元计价的黄金价格 飙升 17%,堪称近 30 年来的最佳表现。黄金回报明显优于其他各大股票、债券和大宗商品指数。

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Published 7th April 2016

The gold price staged a spectacular rally in the first quarter of this year, rising by 17% in US dollar terms. This was its best performance in almost three decades, significantly outperforming other major stock, bond and commodity indices.

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Published 31st March 2016

Investors should consider doubling their gold allocations amid negative interest rates We have entered a new and unprecedented phase in monetary policy. Central banks in Europe and Japan have now implemented Negative Interest Rate Policies (NIRP) to counteract deflationary pressures and, in some cases, currency appreciation. Amid higher market uncertainty, the price of gold is up by 16% year-to-date – in part due to NIRP.

Published 22nd March 2016


Published 11th February 2016

Gold Demand Trends Full Year 2015. Gold demand in the fourth quarter increased 4% year-on-year to a 10-quarter high of 1,117.7t. Full year demand was virtually unchanged, down just a fraction (-14t) to 4,212t.

Published 7th January 2016

This latest edition of our Investment Commentary examines gold’s performance in 2015 and explores the factors that may influence gold in 2016.

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Published 1st January 2016

Published 16th December 2015



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